Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday My Lil' Princess

27 June 2011 she turn to 7 Years Old..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to My Lil' Princess Khairine Adrina.. You are my Heart, My Soul, Mummy └ºνє♡ u so so much.. Be a good Girl.. If your late Papa still alive, he will proud of you.. Mummy will care of you always η forever.. └ºνє♡ u └ºνє♡ u └ºνє♡ u Khairine Adrina.. Have a Blast Birthday for you η enjoy your day.. Kiss u with hug :)

Birthday Girl Khairine Adrina

We all planned nak celebrate her Birthday Bash, On 26 June 2011 we went to Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat for small celebration for her but meriah, sangat cool & simple

And also I would like to Thank to my Buddies yang join & Potluck on that day.. Lily (mihun goreng baru lepas sakit) Leyla (Burger McD Malaysia yang sangat surprise) Sobri (thanks for the decoration, party pack, ballon etc)  Kak Watie & kiddos - Qaisara & Nissa dengan Nasi Ayam yang sedap dia, to Nizam & Danish and also my gf Hanna with her kiddos ~ Aryanna & Nabilla.. Thanks for joining :)

Ini lah tempat yang we all choose for celebrate Birthday Khairine.. So simple decoration from her Uncle Bee.  

Place Decoration

Home made Moist Chocolate Cake (present from Nizam) & Apam Polka Dot with wording 'Hepi Besday Khairine'

Mummy Sayang Khairine

Present from MakLy..

Gift from MakLa..

From Uncle Bee

└ºνє♡ uolls :)


  1. waaaa, bestnya kak sambut besday khairine kat situ.. :)

  2. Masa gantong2 belon tu tak kena gigit kerengge ke?

    1. Tak uncle.. kerengge sangat baik haritu :)


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